Houston, Texas

Frank Rich: Creative Director

Born out of a living room, circa 2014, Frank Rich quickly took on a lane of its own. Forcing a way between street-wear and high fashion, Creative Director, Franklin Richardson wanted to start fresh. After a series of personal and spiritual trials, he refocused the brand to offer youthful sophistication, without bending principle for the sake of status or security. Franklin pulls upon his personal intersection of music, fashion, sports, and art to build a unique taste, one clearly shown in the styles he draws and brings to life.

The first collection appropriately titled, “Wave One: Born Again”, dropped Fall 2018. Pieces include silk-lined fur coats and heavier weighted denim—14 ounces, typical of a higher market. Every fabric is hand-picked, buttons are handsewn, packages, hand-wrapped, and made in the United States.

Franklin Richardson looks to be a promising heavy hitter in the men’s luxury market. With books filled with design ideas, he’s destined for greatness, many collections to come.

Frank Rich: a modern twist on simplicity.